New platform introduced into justLikeAPI – Realself

Good news everyone! justLikeAPI keeps implementing new platforms on its Platforms/Prices section. Recently, we have implemented a new platform upon our client’s request – Realself.

For the ones who haven’t heard about Realself, it is a healthcare market place where consumers can research and get informed about aesthetic treatments. Realself provides services to the customers interested in plastic surgery, dermatology, and minimally-invasive treatments.

Besides implementing this new platform, we have also implemented some additional read request features as follows:

  • Get – for pulling the review
  • Verify – for validating the general profile data

If you need to track reviews from Realself, you are welcome to make the most use of this new platform we offer.

In case you are new to the justLikeAPI, you can start your Free 14-Days trial today.

Of course, if you have any additional questions or if you need any help, please feel free contact us at

Looking forward to hearing your impressions regarding the newly integrated platform!

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