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Need to fetch reviews from Vitals? Or to verify the validity of its profiles?

Now you can to do it easily with justLikeAPI!


Vitals prides itself on being a powerful website dedicated to helping patients to find the most suitable medical services they can. And it seems their users agree. Reportedly, over 280 million people each year rely on their services. Besides, Vitals has an impressive list of medical professionals whose reputation clients can follow. Similarly, numerous facilities exist on the website and they can be easily reviewed by their clients.


As such, Vitals represents a powerful tool for patients to improve or impair the reputation of medical service providers. Therefore, any medical professional that wants to be respectable has to follow the reviews of their patients and respond to them promptly. Luckily, companies that provide such services for their clients can now use justLikeAPI to:


  • verify the existence of medical service providers on the platform and their information
  • get all the reviews that patients left on the platform.


Of course, you can always check the full list of our available platforms. As you probably already know, we offer a 14 day free trial period so feel free to use it for your testing. And, as always, you can contact us with any questions that you might have at

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