Zomato is going through some design changes – and we’re adapting to them!


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When justLikeAPI was only starting, we didn’t even dream that it will grow so quickly.

However, it did. We managed to successfully implement more than a dozen platforms on justLikeAPI. We also got used to many of them constantly shifting, making us modify our algorithms as well. Zomato is just the most recent one going through those kinds of changes.

It’s normal for big websites to modify their templates. However, they don’t often announce their changes. We have no control over them and we can only react when the problem arises.



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We recently noticed that certain requests are repeatedly failing on some Zomato URLs for one of our clients. We quickly investigated. After a while, we figured out that the pages with the provided URLs have a different design than the regular ones. The algorithm was simply unable to find the elements on those pages it was supposed to. Therefore, the requests for the pages going through the redesign were failing.

As fixing issues for our clients is one of our top priorities,  our team started working on a solution right away.  Of course, adjusting to website changes is and always will be, completely free.

And last Friday, we managed to fix the issue. Requests for Zomato URLs in question seem to be working fine. Of course, we will be on the watch for any new changes that may arise and respond quickly to them as well.

As always, if you notice some issues feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

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