4 Rules for responding to customer reviews



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Positive customer reviews became one of the most important online marketing assets that a company can have. One statistic claims that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Another one states that 86% of people hesitate to do business with a company if it has negative reviews. It has gotten to a point where companies simply can’t afford to ignore them. And what better way to show your customers you care about their opinions than answering them?


Responding to customer reviews can reduce the damage of negative reviews by assuring the unsatisfied client that you took their criticism seriously. Potential clients will appreciate that as well. Also, replying to satisfied customers will only deepen the bond they have with your company and make them more likely to come back. It isn’t easy but it is worth it.


Fortunately, there are few tips to follow  to make sure your responses are the best that they can be:



1. Be kind in your writing


If your goal is to make your customers feel appreciated, posting a generic answer just won’t cut it.  No one likes a canned response. Always keep in mind that your customer is a real human being with feelings. They deserve to feel validated and their emotions to be taken seriously. Try to be understanding and warm when answering their reply. Picture a person you’re responding to. Better yet, imagine it’s someone you know and like.

Kindness is incredibly important when dealing with clients. Learn to use it.


2. Personalize as much as possible


Personalized replies are always better than generic ones. Show that you care by taking the time to customize your response to the specific customer. If you can find it, use their name in your reply. Repeat the problem that they have and how you intend to solve it. Make an effort to make sure they know they aren’t just a number. You may be responding to a review but it’s still an interaction between two people. Make sure it’s a good one.


The persons talking

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3. Be honest and appreciative


Lying in a pinch might seem like a good strategy. It isn’t. Every reply you post is public and therefore, potentially visible to hundreds, thousands and even millions of people. Some of them might pick up on your “harmless lie” and from there, a PR problem might snowball into a PR disaster. Be honest and own up to a mistake if it is your (company’s) fault. Even if it isn’t, be appreciative of the client and state the truth. In that case, try not to blame them or anyone else in particular but focus on the way the problem is going to be solved.

Someone took the time to write about your business, appreciate it enough, to be honest in your reply.


4. Respond quickly


It’s hard to seem like you care about your clients if you remember to respond to their reviews weeks or months after they made it. Especially if it’s an urgent problem. Try promptly respond to their reviews and show that their time is important to your company. Even if you can’t provide all the necessary info at the moment, thank them on their review and say that you’ll get back to them when you can. Just don’t forget to do it.


Of course, this is by no means a comprehensive list on this topic. But it’s a good start and it will help you when responding to reviews, either manually or by using justLikeAPI.


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