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justLikeAPI is service provided by WEBCentric - Serbian company specializing in Web scraping / monitoring solutions. Back in 2011, WEBCentric has launched Price2Spy - a service used by more than 700 online merchants worldwide - enabling them monitor and compare prices of competitor products online.

Price2Spy currently monitors prices on over 100K websites worldwide, and can even monitor prices on B2B sites, in-cart prices. Price2Spy is especially good when it comes to monitoring prices on websites which are trying to detect and block bot traffic (Stealth IP traffic).

Over the years, our ability to capture data from technically most complicated websites has attracted a number of clients who asked us not only to capture product prices, but product comments as well - in order to monitor market sentiment. Therefore, we have recognized the need for a more generic tool which will enable our clients to:

  • perform login on a specific platform (on behalf of a particular user)
  • fetch all comments from specified user's profile
  • post a reply on a specific comment

This is how JustLikeAPI was born. We plan to expand it on more and more platforms (covering more and more social networks), providing more and more supported operations. Last but not the least, WEBCentric's team consists of 120 talented colleagues, working in development, operations, support and sales department. We run our operations from our Belgrade HQ.

Other services provided by WEBCentric

Apart from Price2Spy which is our main project, and JustLikeAPI which proved to be a very successful tool that has a huge potential, especially with the rise of social platforms - WEBCentric’s team is working on other projects, constantly developing and innovating.



With Price2Spy, we created a bot that can monitor almost any website and is capable of avoiding many obstacles such as captchas, logins, location-aware websites, etc. Now, it’s time to allow everyone to test their websites and see how protected they are from bots. This is how BotMeNot was born. In 2021, we started working on this new project. 


Ecommerce and Web Development

We never stopped doing the thing that got this story started - WEBCentric is still offering and working on developing and maintaining online stores, especially on the Serbian market.

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You can contact us using the following details:


Phone: +381 11 3434428 (09:00 - 17:30 PM CET)

WEBCentric d.o.o.
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