Delivering customer reviews via CSV file

As the importance of online reputation continues to grow, the need for keeping an eye on online reviews intensifies. In order to keep your reputation as best as possible, it’s necessary to analyze and respond to client reviews. 


JustLikeAPI’s (JLA) default way operation is API - meaning that we expect the client to send API requests, containing URLs from which reviews should be collected.


Truth be told, this method does require some technical knowledge on the client's side, so for such cases, we decided to offer a variation of our API service. In short, we perform API requests for the client, process the results, and deliver the resulting data as a CSV file - which can be hosted either on the client’s, or our FTP server. 


The CSV delivery method implies that you as a client should provide us with a list of URLs from which you want to scrape reviews, as well as how often the review collection should take place JLA will then perform review scraping based on the given conditions, and instead of the JSON file, the data will be delivered to you in CSV. Therefore, will have the ability to open a such file and/or import it into your database.

csv method

Any site with reviews can be subject to our review scraping process. It is important to note that the data delivery method does not affect this. Data from the simplest and most complex websites can be delivered in both formats, so it's just a matter of which model is easier and simpler for you to use.

You can always check how JLA works in order to find more, as well as check the list of platforms that we can scrape reviews from.

Or, as always, send us an e-mail, and we'll be happy to help.

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