JustLikeAPI launches a new endpoint for checking daily request limits

We are delighted to announce that we have launched a new endpoint for checking daily limits

daily request limits


For those who might not be so familiar with API endpoints, there are different types of endpoints, but the one that we are introducing is meant for checking daily limits. 


You are already aware of the fact that our pricing plans come with different limits for daily requests. For example, if you are using the smallest package, you can send up to 50 daily requests. In other words, you can collect comments from 50 different web pages. Now, with enabling the new endpoint for checking your daily limits, you will be able to check how many requests you have left and whether you are reaching your daily limit - so you can eventually adjust the speed at which you’re sending requests. 


In order to do so, a new proposed endpoint USAGE needs to be added:




Let’s say you are keeping track of the reviews on Tripadvisor -  this is what you will be able to see from now on:




“platforms”   :  [



       “platformName” : “Tripadvisor”,

       “dailyRequestLimit” : “50”,

       “successfulToday” : “10”,

       “failedToday” : “5”,

       “remainingToday” : “35”,

       “pendingRequests” : “4”




As you can see, out of the maximum 50 daily requests, 35 are remaining, and 4 of them are still pending. 


Hope you'll find this helpful. Looking forward to hearing your impressions regarding the newly launched endpoint for checking daily limits!


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