Let's welcome platform Groceries.com on JLA!

Platform Groceries.com

Platform Groceries.com has a long history that started in 1920. The Asquith family ran a butcher’s shop in West Yorkshire which has later been expanded to 7 shops. In the following decades, they kept evolving and introducing innovations. One of those big steps happened in 1962. when they introduced late-night shopping on Fridays. It was a completely new thing, and customers loved it. Nowadays, they are one of the biggest grocery retailers in the UK.

A company that has such a long history has witnessed many market changes. One of those changes included the increasing popularity of customer reviews. And, when you develop a huge business as the platform Groceries.com has done, reviews are left on every corner.

Therefore, justLikeAPI has recognized the need of including it in our platform list.

From now on, our clients will be able to get Groceries' reviews easily. In case you're also interested in getting the reviews from this, or any other platform, we invite you to try our 14-day Free Trial.

You are also always invited to check the full list of our available platforms.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have at system@justlikeapi.io.



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