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Platform Harringtons

Everyone adores their pets, and Harringtons do it too. Platform Harringtons has a family tradition of producing top-quality pet foods. Even though they are based in Yorkshire, England, they intend into selling their products wherever possible.

However, what sets this company apart from many others who are also selling pet food, is the fact that they are focusing their whole manufacturing on a sustainability approach. For example, they're trying to minimize or not use plastic at all.

A company like this one is getting more and more popularity and the number of reviews that they're receiving on a daily basis speaks as proof of that. Additionally, that means an opportunity for JLA. We've understood that's very important to include platform Harringtons in the list of platforms we operate with.

So, from now on, our clients will be able to get Harringtons' reviews easily. In case you're also interested in getting the reviews from this, or any other platform, we invite you to try our 14-day Free Trial.

Of course, we always invite you to check the full list of our available platforms. And, please feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have at

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