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platform Kroger

Platform Kroger has a very long history. Their story begins in Cincinnati, in 1883. when Barney Kroger opened his first grocery store. Many things were unsure, but his motto was crystal clear - “Never sell anything you would not want yourself.”

Now, 140 years later, Kroger still has the same principle. They are very particular about what they sell, who they work with, and who they hire. Kroger is one of the US's biggest grocery chains, with around 2800 stores operating in 35 states.

A popular platform such as this one has a huge number of online reviews, so JLA has recognized the need to include this website as one of our platforms.

From now on, our clients can get its reviews quickly and easily. If you want to become one of them – we strongly encourage you to try our 14 day Free Trial and test it for yourself.

Of course, you can always check the full list of our available platforms. And, as always, you can contact us with any questions that you might have at

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