Platform Tractor Supply - enjoying the rural lifestyle

A common misconception is that narrowly defined markets do not bring significant profits. That doesn't always have to be the case. Having a clearly defined niche, and knowing your customers and their needs, are the right recipe for success. One of the companies that saw this 80 years ago is the platform Tractor Supply.

platform tractor supply

During those 80 years, it became the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States. They are dedicated to the needs of farmers, but also those who simply want to enjoy the rural way of life. They offer a wide range of products necessary for the maintenance of the household, land, animals, and pets. In other words, everything except tractors, as they funny point out. Platform Tractor Supply has developed a certain "do it yourself" approach, therefore, all of their products are meant to help people maintain their households on their own.

They are operating in 49 states, and in March 2022, the company opened its 2003 store.

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