Announcing another JLA addition - Platform Yogasleep

We are sure that only a few things can irritate you like when you can't sleep. However, if this condition recurs frequently, it can also cause serious health problems. In recent years, many companies have tried to help solve this problem by offering a variety of products and services. However, few can boast of the success that the platform Yogasleep has.

platform yogasleep

Yogasleep is a company that manufactures devices that reproduce sound similar to air conditioners.

Behind it all is a very interesting story - the wife of the founders of Yogasleep often traveled with him but suffered from insomnia. However, she noticed that she slept much better in hotel rooms than at home. The reason was simple - the sound produced by the air conditioning relaxed her. So her husband, upon returning home, decided to dedicate himself to making a small device that could reproduce a similar sound.

This is how the idea of ​​Yogasleep came about.

Over the years, this US company has expanded its business, so today it also produces mattresses, as well as other ancillary equipment for bedrooms.

A great candidate for justLikeAPI, don't you think?

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