Is scraping reviews from Yellow Pages still worth it?

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As the importance of online reputation continues to grow, the need for review management gets more and more obvious. Reviews are one of the most important points in the conversation between the client and a company. Not only are they a great opportunity for advertisement, but they also provide valuable insight into a company’s performance. What did the clients like? What would they like to see improved? Was their experience bad? All these questions can often be found in the company reviews if one just scrapes and analyzes them. The only question is – what review websites to scrape?

Yellow pages website has traditionally been among the most popular ones, having a truly large number of listings. However, with the rise of newer sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, many people wonder:


Is scraping reviews from Yellow Pages still worth it?


Maybe it will come as a surprise to some, but Yellow pages is much more present and relevant than they would think. Reportedly, there are more than 20 million businesses listed on it with around 80 million users visiting the site each month. The company has over a billion dollars in digital revenue, which already surpassed print revenue. It’s clear that the website isn’t going anywhere and will likely continue to be increasingly relevant for reputation management.

Yellow pages proved that a strong tradition is a valuable asset and that it doesn’t have to be a burden. It successfully adapted to changing business trends. Also, it rebranded itself as more appropriate for the digital world, even changing its logo. Lastly, it recognized the added value internet can have and offered it to its clients. In return, it got a large internet platform, visited by millions of business owners and clients, communicating through reviews. As such, it’s still a treasure trove of customer insight for reputation management agencies and all companies who seek to understand their clients. So, scraping reviews from Yellow Pages is not just worth it, it’s crucial for any company that seeks to stay ahead.

It’s also important to note that the importance of Yellow Pages doesn’t lie only in its popularity, but also in its versatility. Unlike websites like Vitals or TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages is a general listing website which means it’s not focused on just one niche. In other words, more companies can benefit from listing on it than on specialized websites. For reputation management agencies, that means that Yellow Pages is a crucial website for review monitoring. Meeting customers where they are is a golden rule of marketing and, despite what some may expect, Yellow Pages is still that place.

For more information about scraping reviews from Yellow Pages by using justLikeAPI check this page. If you have any questions regarding testing, check this guide. Or, as always, send us an e-mail, we’ll be happy to help.

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