Seek – justLikeAPI’s newest platform!



If you’re from Australia you must have heard about Seek – the most prominent employment marketplace in the country. It became even more popular during 2020. with the massive rise in unemployment due to the covid19 pandemic.

Workers seeking to find new employment rushed to the platform, many of them for the first time. In the sea of companies offering jobs, workers were able to weed out ones with a bad reputation in regard to employee satisfaction and choose only the best ones. In effect, that meant that companies with a good reputation on Seek had a greater chance of grabbing the best possible workers.  It really only served to reinforce the importance of reputation management, in all business aspects.

Naturally, increased interest in Seek and reputation management led to an increase in interest for review scraping from the platform. We recently realized just how useful it would be if justLikeAPI offered to scrape reviews from it as well. So, we decided to include it as our new platform!

Now, our clients can:

  • verify the existence of companies on the platform and their information
  • get all the reviews listed for any company.

Of course, you can always check the full list of our available platforms. As you probably already know, we offer a 14 day free trial period so feel free to use it for your testing. And, as always, you can contact us with any questions that you might have at

Do you want to see more platforms on justLikeAPI? Let us know in the comments!

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