When was the last time you have gone out to a new place, without checking the customer reviews first?


Why are client reviews so essential?

  • Bad reviews have a toxic effect on your reputation and should be addressed ASAP
  • Quick response to reviews shows your level of dedication
  • The number of reviews is a strong indicator of a place’s popularity
  • Analysis of reviews with poor scores can help pinpoint product improvements
  • Product reviews can be analyzed not only for own business but also for competitors – in order to draw important competitive conclusions


Apart from client reviews, are there other use cases?

Yes, restaurant menus and delivery times can be scraped as data sources for food delivery aggregators. You would be surprised how much delivery times and costs vary during a single day.

Who should use this type of analysis?

This analysis can be performed either by the:

  • Review aggregator sites – JustLikeAPI acts as a data source for many such sites
  • Food delivery aggregator sites – again, JustLikeAPI acts as the data source of restaurant menus, meal prices, and delivery times/pricing.
  • Digital agencies providing services for brands/retailers


What websites can be used for review collection?


Practically, any website / social network where clients leave their reviews

  • (links to JLA Platform pages)
  • Facebook
  • Ubereats
  • Demae-can
  • Tripadvisor
  • YellowPages
  • Etc etc


What fields can be collected for review analysis?

Any piece of data shown in the browser can be captured, but typically these are:

For client reviews

  • Total number of reviews
  • Average review score
  • Review author-name
  • Review date
  • Individual review score
  • Review title
  • Review body