justLikeAPI introduces a new platform – TripAdvisor

We’re happy to announce that we’ve introduced a new platform, Tripadvisor, in our Platforms section in justLikeAPI.

It means that from now on; you can access, monitor, analyze and respond to reviews across Tripadvisor directly from your justLikeAPI account.

Moreover, you can even track other handy data, related to your users’ accounts, such as:

  • username,
  • title of the reviews,
  • text,
  • date of the review,
  • rating,
  • or simply anything available on the review page.

It is important to mention that justlikeAPI is especially good when it comes to responding reviews via our respond endpoint (https://justlikeapi.io/reviews/respond). This powerful feature also enables you to use our API to respond to multiple profiles. To be more precise, you can pull information regarding the users’ profile pages by using our verify endpoint (http://www.justlikeapi.io/tripadvisor/#1518003432793-1c346fdd-9787).

To see the full list of platforms that supported by justLikeAPI please click here.

If you would like justLikeAPI to pull reviews on platform which is not supported yet, please let us know: system@justlikeapi.io.

What do you think about this brand new platform? We’d love to hear from you!

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