Seek is an Australian company that matches prospective job seekers with employment opportunities. It helps hirers find candidates for advertised roles. Since it was founded in 1997, it developed relationships with over 245 million candidates and 1 million hirers. It remains highly popular with a presence in countries like Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, and Mexico.

Submitting the API request

This is sample CURL request you can use to test JustLikeAPI features.

Please make sure to replace:
- YOUR_API_KEY with the one you received from our support team
- PAGE_SPECIFIC_URL - with the endpoint of the method you're trying to invoke
- JSON payload - with the contents of your request (the sample payload for each request is given below)

curl -X POST -H 'authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' -H 'cache-control: no-cache' -H 'content-type: application/json' -d '{ "propertyUrl": ""}'

Read operations

Get method will pull in reviews for platform of your choice. Reviews will be ordered by date and can include information from the code example bellow:


"dateFrom": "2018-03-10", *
"reviewLimit" : "1" **

* "dateFrom" is optional

** "reviewLimit" is optional

Base URL :

Parameter content type: application/json


    "propertyName": "revitalife",
    "location": null,
    "ratingValue": "4.1481",
    "ratingCount": "27",
    "reviews": [
            "reviewId": "5343230",
            "customer": null,
            "title": "The quality and distribution of the (...)",
            "rating": "2",
            "text": "Flexibilty and not having set hours Inconsistency of  Quality leads",
            "reviewedOn": "2019-11-21",
            "photos": null,
            "repliedTo": null,
            "externalSource": null,
            "replies": null,
            "followUpReviews": null,
            "comments": null,
            "selfReview": null,
            "commentsCount": null,
            "reviewerPhoto": null