Technical Q&A

Do I need a proxy network in order to use JustLikeAPI?

No, we take care of that. Actually a proxy network is just one of the methods we have in place for avoiding IP bans.

The content I need to fetch is publicly available (no login required). Can JustLikeAPi still fetch it for me?

Sure thing.

How does your API work?

JustLikeAPI offers a REST API. We do not plan to offer a SOAP interface. Please check our API documentation

What operations does your API offer?

We offer the following operations:

– Validate: use it to validate if your client has profile of given platform, and if the username / password provided are valid

– Get: use it to get content (reviews) from a platform

– Please check our full API documentation

How is the content you fetch for me structured?

That depends on the platform (website) we’re interfacing for you (each platform has it’s own content definition). Please check our documentation

If the operation fails, will I be notified?

Sure, you will get an error message with diagnostics in response.

What will happen if a platform (website) you're interfacing for me undergoes a change (for example: they changed the structure or layout of their pages)?

You will start getting errors for most of the operations. In that case, please contact our support team ( – we’ll make sure to fix it ASAP.

Is JustLikeAPi secure?

Of course. All the operations are carried out over secure protocol (HTTPS)

Do you keep any kind of data related to client profiles in your database?

No. JustLikeAPi is a pass-through service. We take the data from your request, and we submit it to the platform in question, without storing it locally. Storing it locally would mean potential security risk, and we do not want to be exposed to it.