Technical Q&A

Do I need a proxy network in order to use JustLikeAPI?

No, we take care of that. Actually a proxy network is just one of the methods we have in place for avoiding IP bans.

The content I need to fetch is publicly available (no login required). Can JustLikeAPi still fetch it for me?

Sure thing.

How about sites which do require login before showing any data (LinkedIn, Facebook)

Can be done. Please contact us at

How does your API work?

JustLikeAPI offers a REST API. It's as simple as this

  • Your code send an API request (with the URL containing the reviews (or other data) you need scraped
  • JustLikeAPI opens browser and goes to the above URL, while avoiding any bans / blocks
  • JustLikeAPI parses the scraped data, and forms the JSON response
  • JustLikeAPI sends resulting JSON response to your code
  • Your code processes the response and saves the data into your Database
  • Please check our API documentation for details and examples

I am not a developer, I cannot send APi requests. Can you just deliver the scraped data?

Sure. Please let us know what kind of data you would like to get, from which URLs, and we will set it up for you. The data will be delivered as CSV file on (S)FTP server at the frequency you define.

What operations does your API offer?

Most Platforms offer following 2 operations:

- Get: use it to get content (reviews) from a platform

- Verify: captures profile information displayed on given URL

Some Platforms have specific operations like Leads, Recommendations

Please check our full API documentation

How about responding to reviews?

Sorry, not supported. Posting responses works in a totally differnt way, which cannot be achieved via pure-API which JustLikeAPI is.

How is the content you fetch for me structured?

The response you will get will be structured in JSON format. JSON for each Platform is very similar, but with some specifics (because each Platform has certain fields other Platforms do not have). Please check our API ocumentation for Platform of your choice.

What if the operation fails?

You will get an error message with diagnostics in response. Failed response will not count towards your limit of requests.

Why would an operation fail?

There can be many different reasons, like

A) You have requested a wrong URL

B) Our request got banned by the Platform

C) There has been a change on the Platform

What do I do in case of failure?

Please implement a retry in your code, after a delay of at least 10-20s.

Will you charge me for a failed request?

No. Only the successful requests count.

What will happen if a platform (website) you're interfacing for me undergoes a change (for example: they changed the structure or layout of their pages)?

You will start getting errors for most of the operations.This will be picked up the following day by our Operations team, and in most cases fixed that same day.

In case of any doubt, please contact our support team ( - we'll make sure to fix it ASAP.

Is JustLikeAPi secure?

Of course. All the operations are carried out over secure protocol (HTTPS)

Do you keep any kind of data related to client profiles in your database?

No. JustLikeAPi is a pass-through service. We take the data from your request, and we submit it to the platform in question, without storing it locally.  The only thing we store are the diagnostic fields used for troubleshooting. Storing more than this locally would mean potential security risk, and we do not want to be exposed to it.

is your service synchronous or asynchronous?

Because we do not store any of your data, it's synchronous. That means we will perform the request on your behalf on the fly - and your code should wait for our response.

How long do I need to wait for your API response?

This depends on 2 factors

- How many reviews do you want to retrieve

- The speed of the Platform

Think of it this way: in order to fetch all the reviews for you, we need to browse through pages and pages of reviews.

In case of few reviews, that will take up to 10-20 seconds.

In case of thousands of reviews that need to be captured - that may take 10 minutes or more

I do not need all the reviews, just the latest 50, how do I do this?

Please use reviewLimit=50 parameter in your API request

I need just the reviews from last 7 days, what should I do?

Please use dateFrom parameter in your API request

Does JustLikeAPI have any rate limits?

No. However, you are limited by the total number of successful requests defined by your Subscription.

What will happen when I reach the daily request limit?

You won't be able to send any more requests till the end of that day.

Can I have subscription with no request limits?

Please contact us at - to define details. Basically, this is possible, but please be aware that excessive requests  cost more than the ones which are part of your regular subscription.

I need to send 1000 requests each day. How should I schedule them?

The more delay you introduce between requests, the better - since the Platform we're scraping for you will have harder time detecting our requests and banning them. In this particular case, the ideal scenario would be if you send requests each 86.4s (a day has 86400 seconds, 86400 / 1000 = 86.4)

That's too slow for me - can I do it with shorter delay?

Yes, you can, theoretically you can do it with a delay of 1s (or even less). However, this will increase the probability of a banned request (which will end up in failure, and then you will need to repeat your request once again - which is not really efficient)

I would like to capture data from a website which is not on your list. Can it be done?

Please send us more details at 

We are currently working with over 45 Platforms, and adding more every couple of weeks.

Can you scrape anything else apart from client reviews?

Sure. Whatever gets displayed in the browser, we are able to scrape it.

Just to give you an example

  • We are scraping restaurant menus for a client
  • For another client we're scraping LinkedIn profile data
  • Business profiles, contact details etc etc - you name it.

Are there websites that you cannot handle?

Yes, but there are very, very few of them.

Will the website you're scraping for me know who I am?

Absolutely no. The website might see an IP address that can be traced back to JustLikeAPI - but they won't know on whose behalf we're performing this request.