Capturing client reviews


Most clients use JustLikeAPI services in order to captures client reviews.

No matter if it’s just a couple of reviews, or thousands of reviews scattered over hundreds of pages – JustLikeAPI is able to retrieve these for you.

The list of fields that we retrieve for you is specific for each Platform – basically, we’re able to capture anything shown in user’s browser.

In addition to user’s review, we capture owner’s response.

Data delivery options

Review data can be delivered in 2 separate ways

  • API Delivery – JSON Response
    • In this scenario your software sends an API request with the URL containing the reviews you’d like scraped
    • JustLike responds with JSON data – containing captured reviews
    • You can use additional parameters to define request behavior
      • reviewLimit – max number of reviews to be returned
      • dateFrom – returns only reviews posted after specified date




        "propertyName": "Grazie Pizza",
        "location": "Manhattan, NYC",
        "reviews": [
                       "reviewId": "4524325",
                       "customer": {
                               "username": "",
                               "location": null,
                               "level": null
                        "title": "  ",
                        "rating": "5",
                        "text": "Pizza was very tasty",
                        "reviewedOn": "2018-05-13",
                        "photos": null,
                        "repliedTo": true,
                        "externalSource": null,
                        "replies": [
                                      "repliedBy": "Chef Luigi",
                                      "text": "Thank you!"
  • CSV delivery
    • In this method, you would provide the list of URLs from which you would like to scrape the reviews, and fields you would like delivered
    • You would also define how often the scraping should take place
    • JustLikeAPI would perform scraping at regular intervals, as deined above, and deliver resulting data in CSV file, on a FTP location of your choice (either your or our server)



Capturing reviews from sites requiring login (username / password)

There are Websites (Platforms, as we call them) which won’t display client reviews before you login (with username / password). Such Platforms, between many others are LinkedIn and Facebook.

For capturing reviews from such sites, JustLikeAPI offers 2 options

  • Regular JustLikeAPI account
    • In this scenario you would provide username/password used for login within your API request
  • Managed JustLikeAPI account
    • In this case we would maintain a pool of accounts that will be used for capturing reviews
    • Your request need not contain any username/password – as we will be performing request via one of accounts we’re maintaining for you


What websites can be used for review collection?

Practically, any website / social network where clients leave their reviews

  • (links to JLA Platform pages)
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Tripadvisor
  • Yelp
  • Apartments
  • Etc etc – more than 40 websites at the moment


How will I be charged?

You subscription will be determined by

  • Number of requests you need to perform (there are different subscription levels – some client perform less than 10 requests per day, while others perform nearly 100 000 requests on daily basis)
  • Platform complexity – not all Platforms have the same way of displaying reviews. Further, some of them are really good at detecting and blocking bot requests – and our job is to make sure we bypass these.

Please note that we charge by the number of requests performed, not the number of retrieved reviews – which is particularly handy when it comes to scraping reviews from URLs having hundreds or thousands of reviews.