What makes us different


In 2017, when justLikeAPI was just starting, there were not many services like it. The field of Reputation management was not as developed as it is now and it was far less data-driven. Now, there are a lot more services-oriented at scraping reviews and review related data which means justLikeAPI has a stronger competition.


And despite it, justLikeAPI still stands out. Here are a few reasons why:


Predictable pricing



We value and respect our customers. That makes us completely straightforward about our costs.   We provide a  detailed explanation for our prices, making sure our clients both know and consent to everything they are paying.



Proactive checkups


Our team is constantly on the lookout to prevent minor issues from becoming serious problems. As soon as we spot any, we’ll inform you and start solving it.


Tools for DIY Houzz


Maintenance included


Regardless of the changes on various websites, issues that may arise, or questions that you might have, our team will be there to assist you. Regular maintenance means that justLikeAPI will always be in the process of constant improvement in order to adapt.



Built-in reply option


Use justLikeAPI to reply to reviews and comments you receive. Easily implement it in your software to make reputation management more efficient. Your customers will appreciate it.