What makes us different


what makes us different

Wondering what makes us different than the other reputation management tools?

Let's explain it.

Back in 2017, when JustLikeAPI was starting, there were few services alike. Reputation management was much less data-driven. Therefore,  websites displaying reviews were not so much aware of bot activity.

Nowadays, there is a number of web scraping solutions to choose from. However, very few of them can be compared to justLikeAPI.

Scraping data from the world’s most complex websites

  • As more and more websites put in place bot detection and blocking mechanisms – fewer and fewer tools are able to scrape their data
  • It’s not just IP-based blocking - Modern bot blocking solutions are getting smarter and smarter, being able to distinguish human from bot traffic
  • JustLikeAPI, thanks to more than 10 years of experience in Web scraping (please also see Price2Spy and BotMeNot) and avoiding blocks – stands tall compared to its competitors.
  • JLA currently works with more than 45 platforms and the number is constantly increasing

Capturing reviews from websites requiring login

  • Websites like Facebook and LinkedIn won’t show reviews to anonymous visitors
  • Therefore, a username/password is needed to access data that you would like to scrape. However, both Facebook and LinkedIn monitor account activity, and they preventively block such accounts
  • What makes us different is that JLA provides Managed Service, where we not only scrape data from such sites but also maintain a pool of accounts used for these purposes

Data delivery methods

  • JustLikeAPI can be used as a direct API (sending requests by Rest API calls), or
  • By pure data delivery, where we perform scheduled scrapes on your behalf, and deliver the data in CSV (or other formats of your choice), on an (S)FTP server.

It’s not just reviews

  • Although most of the clients use JustLikeAPI to monitor client reviews – we are increasingly serving clients from different use cases
  • We can also capture business profiles, restaurant offers, etc
  • Custom solutions, for scraping custom Web data are also possible

Predictable costs - charging per request performed, not per review retrieved

  • Unlike many other services, JustLikeAPI subscription is determined by the number of requests you perform, not the number of reviews captured
  • We are counting only successful requests – any potential failure is on us

Both continual and one-off projects are welcome

  • JustLikeAPI works on a subscription model, where you get billed on a monthly basis
  • However, we do have some clients with one-off needs, requiring no subscription. Such clients are welcome as well

Proactive QA / Maintenance included

  • We are very much aware that websites keep changing, and that we need to keep adapting JustLikeAPI to these changes
  • Therefore, we have designed a process that preemptively performs consistency checks, and warns our team if API requests are failing. Such problematic situations are in most cases resolved before you even notice that there is a problem

Providing an answer to What makes us different is not easy at all, but as you can see, JLA has a lot to offer. We tried to mention only the most important points, but in case you need further explanations, we encourage you to reach out to system@justlikeapi.io