What is justLikeAPI ?

  • JustLikeAPI is an advanced data crawling / scraping API service. It enables IT companies (providing review aggregation services to their clients) to perform actions on technically most complicated sites. Those are usually review sites and social networks, and we refer to such websites as 'platforms').
  • JustLikeAPI's effective API enables you to access, monitor, and analyze reviews, or other data related to user accounts - across dozens of sites from a single place.
  • JustLikeAPI is especially good when it comes to monitoring bot-aware websites displaying desired information only after user login takes place. You can easily access the content on websites while avoiding IP bans, CAPTCHAs, and other methods of blocking non-human Web traffic via JustLikeAPI.

As simple as this

API request

You send API request, with URL containing the data you want scraped

Login to Platform

JustLikeAPI opens the URL for you. If needed, we perform the login.

Fetch the content

JustLikeAPI performs whatever page actions are needed to fetch the content

JSON response

We parse the content and format it as JSON. Such JSON is returned to you in API Response

CSV Delivery Method

Alternatively, we can deliver the scraping results in a CSV format

Who should use justLikeAPI ?

JustLikeAPI serves all sizes of IT companies (providing review aggregation services to their clients), worldwide. Our clients are:

  • Aggregators of reviews from social networks (enabling their clients to manage their profiles on multiple social networks from one place),
  • Social media monitoring systems,
  • Social media analytics services,
  • Big data solutions

justLikeAPI is taking care of technical issues...

Simple and effective API

Providing a simple and effective API for a platform (social network) which does not want to be accessed via API

Simulating all human-like actions

Simulating all human-like actions performed in browser by regular website visitors (so that website/platform in question cannot detect it's not being accessed by human)

Avoiding methods of blocking

Avoiding IP bans, CAPTCHAs and other methods of blocking non-human Web traffic

Adapting to changes

Adapting to changes performed on websites (a platform can any time make changes to the way users are logging in, or the way the content gets displayed)

Try before you buy... pay as you go...

  • If you'd like to interface a website / platform we already support - you're welcome to try it for free for 14 days. Please check the list of supported platforms.
  • However, if you'd like us to interface a platform we haven't covered yet we'll be happy to give you a one-off quote for enabling justLikeAPI to work with that platform.
  • You will start paying monthly fees only after you've used your free trial period.
  • Your monthly fee is based on number platforms you want to be using, and the traffic you're generating.
  • You are welcome to add / remove platforms from your account.

No credit card needed

Supported platforms


JustLikeAPi is inspired by Price2Spy

Price2Spy is a price monitoring service currently monitoring prices on over 110 000 websites worldwide.

Ever since Price2Spy was born (2011), we have gained huge experience in dealing with websites who do not wish to be tracked. We learned how to avoid IP bans and minimize the possibility of getting detected as a bot-traffic.

We have learned how to perform login and other complex actions on various types of websites who do not want to enable automating such actions.