Capturing event organizers' reviews


Planning a wedding, party, trip, or any other kind of event can be very challenging. Clients want everything to be impeccable on their special day, so finding the best event organizers is the most important part. However, the event industry is facing an increase in popularity, new businesses are constantly emerging, so clients are heavily relying on reading companies' reviews.

If you run an event-organizing business and want to stay ahead of your competitors by understanding what's being said about you online, justLikeAPI can be just the solution you've been looking for.

No matter if it’s just a couple of reviews, or thousands of reviews scattered over hundreds of pages – JustLikeAPI is able to retrieve these for you.

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Data delivery options


Review data can be delivered in 2 separate ways

1. API Delivery – JSON Response

  • In this scenario, your software sends an API request with the URL containing the reviews you’d like scraped
  • JustLike responds with JSON data – containing captured reviews




        "propertyName": "Grazie Pizza",
        "location": "Manhattan, NYC",
        "reviews": [
                       "reviewId": "4524325",
                       "customer": {
                               "username": "",
                               "location": null,
                               "level": null
                        "title": "  ",
                        "rating": "5",
                        "text": "Pizza was very tasty",
                        "reviewedOn": "2018-05-13",
                        "photos": null,
                        "repliedTo": true,
                        "externalSource": null,
                        "replies": [
                                      "repliedBy": "Chef Luigi",
                                      "text": "Thank you!"
  • You can use additional parameters to define request behavior
    • reviewLimit – max number of reviews to be returned
    • dateFrom – returns only reviews posted after the specified date

2. CSV Delivery

  • In this method, you would provide the list of URLs from which you would like to scrape the reviews, and fields you would like delivered
  • You would also define how often the scraping should take place
  • JustLikeAPI would perform scraping at regular intervals, as defined above, and deliver resulting data in CSV file, on an FTP location of your choice (either your or our server)

Capturing reviews from sites requiring login (username/password)

Certain platforms won’t display client reviews before you log in. Some of them are LinkedIn and Facebook, just to name a few.

So, what can we offer in such cases?

For capturing reviews from such sites, JustLikeAPI offers 2 options:

  • Regular JustLikeAPI account
    • We would need you to provide the username/password used for login within your API request
  • Managed JustLikeAPI account
    • We would maintain a pool of accounts that will be used for capturing reviews
    • Since we will be performing requests by using one of the accounts we’re maintaining for you, there's no need to provide us with any username or password

What websites can be used for review collection?

Practically, any website or social network where clients leave their reviews

How will you be charged?

justLikeAPI offers different subscription options that are based on the following criteria:

  • Number of requests (different number of requests means different subscription levels)
  • Platform complexity – some platforms are more complex than others, especially in terms of blocking bot traffic. In such cases, our team needs to invest more time and resources into bypassing such issues, therefore, the price for such platforms is higher.

Please note that we charge by the number of requests performed, not the number of retrieved reviews. This is very useful when it comes to scraping reviews from URLs having hundreds or thousands of reviews.