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Our UK client, who did not allow the full closing of company details here, provides SEO monitoring, content aggregation, and reputation management for tens of thousands of businesses worldwide.


  1. Monitoring a large number of reviews and recommendations on major social networks like Facebook, Avvo, and Realself.
  2. The content that needs to be monitored does not get shown before authentication (username / password) takes place
  3. Technically speaking, many of these social networks are very Java-script heavy, ie require quite some development skills in order to capture the content
  4. Reviews and Recommendations need to be retrieved either in a scheduled manner, our upon user’s request
  5. All of these social networks are very well bot-aware and impose IP and other types of bans


  1. JustLikeAPI Managed Read-only account
  2. A scalable technical solution which enables the client to gradually increase the number of content fetching requests
  3. Periodical monitoring on request success rate, in order to determine situations like
    1. Content format change
    2. Unhandled type of content URL
    3. Potential IP / account bans
  4. Account Maintenance – continual fixing of any of the above-mentioned issues

A leading provider of online reputation management services. Their clients are local businesses who need to one-stop-shop for managing their online reputation (reviews / comments) on more than 20 different social networks.


  1. Monitoring large number of reviews from various websites / review platforms
  2. Ability respond to reviews on different social networks – from a single platform
  3. Needs to monitor reviews on websites which won’t display reviews until visitor logs in
  4. All of the social networks are bot-aware websites, imposing IP (and other types of bans) – very difficult to monitor
  5. The list of social networks covered is growing – almost on monthly basis


  1. JustLikeAPI Read-Write account
  2. Monitoring reviews from various websites including login-required and bot-aware websites (methods like: /reviews/get)
  3. Responding to particular review (methods like: /reviews/respond)
  4. Keeping record of the date of last review fetched => capturing the most recent reviews only (in order to increase performance)

Privately-held full-service real estate investment and development firm specializing in identifying, acquiring and executing prime residential real estate opportunities throughout USA. The core of their business comprises land acquisition, entitlements, project design and more.


  1. Monitoring business leads from websites like Home Advisor
  2. Needs to receive daily alerts (new leads) in Excel format


  • justlikeAPI Read-only account
  • JustLikeAPI simulating login to various websites in order to capture leads and associated details, on daily basis
  • Daily Alert email with lead details – sent out in Excel format