Scraping custom Web data

It’s not only client reviews or business profiles. JustLikeAPI can capture any kind of data consistently shown on Web pages.

So, what needs to be captured is entirely up to you – we will now list a couple of specific examples

Scraping custom Web data

Capturing restaurant offers/menus

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, food delivery websites have started to flourish. Restaurant menus shown there are utterly dynamic, changing every couple of minutes. This also counts for food delivery costs and thresholds for free delivery.

JustLikeAPI has helped one such client, who is aggregating offers from several food delivery websites.

Capturing business leads

Specialized Platforms like HomeAdvisor connect clients (who need specific work performed) with Businesses, who are bidding for such projects.

JustLikeAPI helps one such client scrape business leads of interest, so these leads end up in his own CRM software.


What websites can be used for profile collection?

Any website / social network where data you want to capture is shown