Business directories


Collecting details on businesses directories is becoming increasingly important.

The purpose of such data collections is so numerous that we won’t try listing each and everyone – but they mostly have to do with marketing campaigns.

JustLikeAPI understands how valuable this information can be, therefore, we've enabled our clients to collect reviews from many businesses-related websites.

Let's explain how this process works.

business directories

What websites can be used for review collection?

Practically, any website where a particular business has its profile, showing business details:

JLA is currently able to scrape reviews from many platforms. Some of the existing platforms are already related to the business directories sphere, but if you express the need to scrape something else, there would be no problem.


What fields can be collected for review analysis?

JLA can capture any piece of data shown in the browser, but typically these are:

  • Business address
  • Industry
  • Number of employees
  • Phone
  • Email (though in most cases not publicly shown)
  • Profiles on other Social Networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, etc)

Understandably, businesses are usually interested in the fields mentioned above. These fields can, of course, be arranged according to your needs. In case you find some of them irrelevant, we can exclude them. Therefore, the information that you'll receive can be totally customizable.


How can JustLikeAPI help?

JLA can help in 2 ways:

  • One-off data collection – where JLA can scrape profiles of supplied companies and deliver them in JSON or CSV format
  • Continual data collection – usually implemented as proper API – where the client sends a request with business URLs, and JLA responds with JSON data representing the scraped business profile

The list of platforms that we’re covering is getting bigger every day, so we invite you to check it out. We're also providing a 14-day free trial so we believe you’ll have enough time to test whether JLA fulfills your needs.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out at