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Going to see a lawyer/law firm for the very first time? Of course, the first thing to do would be to make sure about his/her reputation.

legal services

Why are client reviews so essential?

  • You will be able to see what others say about this particular lawyer, his professional skills, and his attitude
  • Bad reviews have a toxic effect on layer’s reputation and should be addressed ASAP
  • The number of cases is a strong indication of a lawyer’s level of expertise


Who should use this type of analysis?

This analysis can be performed either by the:

  • Review aggregator sites – JustLikeAPI acts as a data source for many such sites
  • Digital agencies - providing services for their clients


What websites can be used for review collection?

Practically, any website / social network where a lawyer/law firm has his profile. However, in most cases, we do it on highly specialized law sites, like Avvo:


What fields can be collected for review analysis?

JLA can capture any piece of data shown in the browser, but typically these are:

  • Lawyers name
  • Practice areas
  • Languages spoken
  • Qualifications / certifications
  • License date
  • Contact details
  • Total number of reviews
  • Average review score
  • Review author-name
  • Review date
  • Individual review score
  • Review title
  • Review body
  • Rates

These fields can of course be arranged according to your needs. Therefore, the information that you'll receive can be totally customizable.

The list of platforms that we’re covering is getting bigger every day, so we invite you to check it out. We're also providing a 14-day free trial so we believe you’ll have enough time to test whether JLA fulfills your needs.

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