Review aggregators


JustLikeAPI has started as a service intended to help review aggregating companies obtain reviews from many different websites, across all industries one can think of.

If a company has a review aggregating system, one might ask why is there a need to use a tool such as JLA?

Let's explain this in more detail.


review aggregators

Why should such companies use JLA services, instead of performing review collection on their own?

The reasons are numerous, but let's mention only the most important ones:

  • Getting data in an API-like way from Websites that do not offer API access
  • Scraping data from Websites / Social Platforms that use strong anti-bot defenses
  • 40+ Platforms covered, you are welcome to request ones we haven’t handled yet
  • Auto-detection of scraping failures and continuous adaptation to website changes
  • Ability to work websites that require login: Facebook, LinkedIn, etc
  • No need to maintain your own proxies and anti-CAPTCHA solutions
  • No need to worry about banned accounts
  • Scalability is not a problem – we have clients of various sizes
    • Our smallest client performs less than 50 API requests per day
    • Our largest client performs more than 100K requests per day
  • Both continual and one-off scraping projects are welcome
  • Leave the scraping to us, so you can focus on the data itself!
  • 120 scraping professionals handling scraping tasks from the world’s most complex websites


Managed accounts

Need to scrape reviews and other data from Platforms that require logging in before showing the data?

You can either try to maintain such accounts yourself, or you can try JLA Managed service.

  • We maintain a pool of accounts used for your API requests
  • Maintenance of such accounts is performed on daily basis, ensuring that the account is used by proper human
  • Such accounts do periodically get banned – our task is to regularly check their status and remove them from the pool – to be replaced by other such accounts

We're also providing a 14-day free trial so we believe you’ll have enough time to test whether JLA fulfills your needs.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out at