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Need to fetch reviews from the platform TrustPilot?

Now you can do it easily with justLikeAPI!

TrustPilot has offices in New York, Denver, London, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Berlin, and Melbourne as a globally recognized company, employing more than 700 people. It's the most famous Danish consumer review website that hosts reviews of businesses worldwide and offers freemium services. Reportedly, nearly 1 million new reviews are posted each month.

The demand for consumer goods is obviously rising worldwide. Not only that - people want high-quality goods and services as well. At this point, any company needs to keep high customer satisfaction just to stay afloat. More and more managers and marketing specialists realize this which gave the rise of reputation management. The need for measuring and improving customer satisfaction has never been greater.

In order to accommodate that need, we adapted justLikeAPI to work with TrustPilot! Now, our clients can get its reviews quickly and easily. If you want to become one of them – we strongly encourage you to try our 14 day Free Trial and test it for yourself.

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