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platform zoro

Teamwork makes the dream work. Ecommerce platform Zoro couldn't agree more.

Founded in 2011, this US company keeps helping customers to find all the tools and materials needed for their business. For 3 years they've been operating under the name Zoro Tools until they've decided to rename the company to Zoro and offer a broader range of products for all kinds of businesses. Nowadays, they have over a million products listed on their website.

Platform Zoro states that its mission is to enable every customer to find what they've been looking for to develop and maintain a successful business. Their most popular categories are Tools and Outdoor materials, however, Zoro's website offers 27 product categories in total. In order words, it would almost be impossible not to find what you've been looking for.

When deciding on tools and materials for your business, you'll probably want to check a couple of reviews here and there. Companies as big as this one can have a huge number of reviews, making it extremely difficult to cover them all.

That's why justLikeAPI decided that this platform would be an ideal fit for our platforms list!

From now on, our clients will be able to get Zoro reviews in a couple of easy steps. In case you're also interested in getting the reviews from this, or any other platform, we invite you to try our 14-day Free Trial.

You are also always invited to check the full list of our available platforms.

See you soon with another platform announcement!

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